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Gas prices down for most of Bay Area

Bay City News
Wednesday October 18, 2000

The California State Automobile Association reports gas prices are slightly down in Northern California from the record highs of September, but relief is not evenly distributed in the Bay area. 

An association spokeswoman said today that a monthly survey found the average price for a gallon of gas in Northern California this month is $1.95, down 3 cents from last month's record high but still 46 cents higher than last October.  

It is also higher than the statewide average of $1.85 and the national average of $1.55. 

In the Bay Area, the East Bay experienced the greatest reduction in prices, with drops of 1 cent in Fremont, to $1.94, 2 cents in Oakland to $1.98, 3 cents in Concord to $1.91 and 4 cents in Pleasanton to $1.98. 

San Francisco residents saw a 1 cent reduction to $2.06. In the South Bay, however, San Jose's prices actually went up a penny to $2.06, and San Mateo held steady at $2.04. 

San Rafael’s prices went down 2 cents to $1.98, but farther north in Santa Rosa, prices remained unchanged at $1.92. 

The spokeswoman said prices were expected to remain at or near their current levels due to unrest in the Middle East and high crude oil prices.