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Captain of troubled oil tanker released

The Associated Press
Wednesday October 18, 2000

SAN FRANCISCO — The Greek captain of the troubled Neptune Dorado oil tanker was released from prison on $500,000 bail Tuesday and will stay in the care of the Greek Orthodox Diocese until an Oct. 30 arraignment. 

At that time, Kiriakos Diaoglou, 54, will plead not guilty to charges he misled Coast Guard officers inspecting the ship, said his lawyer, Douglas Schwartz. 

The tanker’s operator – Pelembros Shipping Ltd. of Greece – posted a letter of credit for Diaoglou, according to assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Jacobs. 

The Neptune Dorado limped into San Francisco Bay last month and was cited for more than 30 environmental and safety violations.  

The Coast Guard found oil vapors in the ship’s ballast tanks, which, if ignited, could have caused the ship to explode. 

Diaoglou allegedly ordered his crew to falsify entries in the ship’s log to conceal the dangerous conditions.  

The tanker was allowed to unload its 370,000-barrel haul of Australian crude oil at the Tosco refinery in Rodeo.