Napster for Mac now available

The Associated Press Legally troubled Napster, In
Friday October 27, 2000

Legally troubled Napster, Inc. set its sites on Apple computer users, making its popular music swapping software available for Macintosh operating systems. 

The company announced Napster for the Mac on Wednesday and the program was available for download from Napster’s Web site. 

Despite making inroads to new users, Napster is still embroiled in a copyright infringement lawsuit brought against it by members of the Recording Industry Association of America. 

In July, a federal judge granted an injunction against that portion of Napster’s service that makes possible the unauthorized trade of copyrighted music. A federal appeals court stayed the injunction, heard testimony from both sides on Oct. 2 and a trial is pending. 

Napster claims 32 million users of its software and the music-sharing phenomenon shows no signs of slowing, despite the legal battles. The Internet tracking company Media Metrix found that the number of Napster users per month increased from 1.1 million in February to 6.7 million users in August. 

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