‘Sausage Killer’ pleads innocent

The Associated Press
Saturday October 28, 2000

OAKLAND – The man accused of shooting and killing three meat inspectors on a visit to his linguisa factory in June has pleaded innocent to murder charges. 

Stuart Alexander, 39, is accused of shooting U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors Thomas Quadros, 52, and Jeannie Hillery, 56, and state inspector Bill Shaline, 57 at his Santos Linguisa Factory in San Leandro. Another state inspector, Earl Willis, escaped unharmed. 

The Alameda County district attorney’s office has said it will seek the death penalty. 

The next court date is for discovery on Dec. 8. 

On surveillance tapes from the June 21 shooting, Alexander is seen grabbing three handguns in his office, loading them, then closing the window blinds. The next scene, from a surveillance camera high above the retail section of the factory, shows the inspectors falling after being shot. 

The black and white tapes show Alexander coming into the room, shooting at prone inspectors Quadros, Hillery and Shaline. Alexander then runs outside to chase another Willis. 

Hillery is seen lifting her head and moving her right arm, and Quadros appears to be moving, as Alexander re-enters the room. The factory owner reloads, then moves over to each of the inspectors and shoots them several times. 

Alexander, who is seen pacing his office before grabbing the handguns, appears calm during the shootings. 

Shaline was shot six times. Hillery was shot four times. Quadros was shot three times. All died in the factory.