California briefs

Monday October 30, 2000

Pot advocates blowing smoke over measure 

BOONVILLE — Mendocino County voters are abuzz over recreational marijuana use. 

That’s not necessarily because they’re smoking the stuff, but because Measure G, if approved, would attempt to legalize recreational marijuana use in the county. 

Local Boonville bakery owner Bruce Hering even wrote a poem about pot that was printed in the local newspaper. He was one of the first to sign his name on the petition that put Measure G on the ballot. 

No matter to supporters of legal pot use that state and federal laws would supersede the Measure G even if it was approved. The federal government doesn’t even recognize the legitimate use of medical marijuana. 

Proponents of the measure hope a victory will send a clear message to state and federal legislators that the move toward legalizing marijuana is the right one. 

Who is the force behind the move to legalize green buds? The Green Party. 


Mail box explosion hurls heavy metal  

EUREKA — Local and federal agencies continue investigating a mailbox explosion that showered several Eureka neighborhood yards with shards of metal. 

The explosion occurred on Saturday at about 2 p.m. was apparently caused by a chemical reaction inside a two-liter soda bottle, investigators say. 

Metal fragments were thrown more than 100 feet from the explosion. 

No injuries were reported, but Eureka Fire Chief John McFarland reminded those responsible that destroying a mailbox is a federal offense. 


Lamas dance, sing for locals 

CRESCENT CITY — Ten Buddhist lamas from the Drepung Loseling Monastery in southern India came to town Saturday for a music and dance performance. 

Performers were to showcase their talents by playing ten-foot-log trumpets, cymbals and gyaling horns for the audience at the Crescent Elk Auditorium. 

The Tibetans are the only their culture has been able to cultivate known as “overtone singing” wherein each chant master sings three notes simultaneously to create a complete voice chord. 

The performance was part of a tour sponsored by Richard Gere and Drepung Loseling Institute, the North American seat of the Drepung Loseling Monastery.