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Friday November 03, 2000

Stop the removal of Pepples’ signs 


We are supporters of the People for Pepples Campaign. Because we are excited about Eleanor Pepples and hope to see her elected as the new City Council Representative the Berkeley Hills, we have spent our free time distributing flyers and posting signs advertising her candidacy. In particular, all of us during the evenings and on weekends have spent our time posting signs not only to generate interest in her Campaign, but also to notify voters about the website: where they can get more information about Eleanor Pepples and her positions.  

Unfortunately, the People for Pepples signs have been systematically removed. You may recall that in September, an employee from the Dept of Public Works removed our signs. Since that time, the department has acknowledged that this conduct is unacceptable and assured us that it would not happen again. Without question, the removal of the People for Pepples signs by government employees on city time violated our First Amendment rights as well as those of our candidate Eleanor Pepples and the local sign ordinance. We do not believe that is happening this time; however, someone is systematically removing our signs. For example, a number of signs posted last Saturday afternoon in the Walnut/Vine Street area and near Claremont and Ashby were removed by Sunday morning. As you can imagine, this is incredibly frustrating and we feel the tactic is designed to quell our full and active participation in the democratic process. 

For example, a number of signs posted this past Saturday afternoon in the Walnut/Vine Street area and by Claremont and Ashby were removed by Sunday morning. As you can imagine, this is incredibly frustrating and interferes with our ability to fully and actively participate in the democratic process. 

Removal of even one sign is illegal. They are election signs and under Berkeley's City Sign Ordinance, should stay posted until after the election. There is no basis for anyone to remove election signs from public utility poles or lamp posts. Both the City Attorney's Office and the Department of Public Works have acknowledged that the People for Pepples signs comply with all sign ordinances and that they should not be removed.  

We are concerned that the campaign staffs of other candidates may be involved in the illegal removal of our signs. We ask the other candidates in District 6 to issue a strong statement affirming their support of free speech in Berkeley, and denouncing the illegal removal of campaign signs.  

If you or your readers see anyone tampering with our signs, please notify either our Campaign (Tel: 510-528-2970) or the Department of Public Works, so that we can stop this kind of illegal and unfair activity. 

Al Arredondo, Sylvia Brownrigg, Terry Castle and 25 other individuals 


Selawsky experienced in school matters 


To the Residents of Berkeley: 

My eight years of working in Berkeley classrooms, PTA programs such as Reading Is Fundamental, on site improvements such as the renovation of Oxford School, and with and for parents, students, and teachers on numerous issues and problems has earned me support from many sectors of the community. I have the distinct honor of being the only School Board candidate endorsed by the Berkeley Federation of Teachers C.O.P.E. – of which I am most proud. Teachers deserve the best from us, as we expect the best from them. I have the endorsement of Berkeley Citizens Action, The Green Party of Alameda County, and the San Francisco Bay Guardian (which wrote that I am “the standout in this race.”). I have been endorsed by five Berkeley City Councilmembers (including Vice-Mayor Maudelle Shirek). Sheila Jordan, the County Superintendent of Schools, and Susan Duncan, Trustee on the Peralta Community College Board have recognized my commitment to quality public education and have endorsed me. 

My son currently attends Willard Middle School, which has allowed me the privilege of working directly in the classrooms and serving on the site committees, as well as serving as site representative on the Berkeley Schools Excellence Projects Planning and Oversight Committee. The past two years I have served as Co-Chair of that Committee (reviewing and advising the School Board on the allocation of about $8.5 million per year), which has earned me the endorsement of Co-Chair Nancy Riddle and PTA Council Co-President Mark Coplan.  

Serving last year on the Superintendent’s Blue Ribbon Budget Committee has extended my knowledge of the District budget process, with all its flaws. I have served as Chair of the City of Berkeley’s Community Environmental Advisory Commission. I have been a member of the District-wide Music Committee since 1994, helping to solidify and expand our elementary music program for all our students at all our schools when there was a move to limit it to magnet-schools or a limited number of sites.  

Because I care deeply about the equity of education, and opportunities for all our students, I worked last year to inform the Berkeley community and to galvanize community support about threats to the District’s 32 plus year commitment to integration in our Berkeley public schools; the School Board, by a 3-2 vote, approved continuing our integration policy on a year-to-year basis. I have worked hard and long for the good of all our students in the Berkeley schools because I believe that what is good for my son is good for all students, and ultimately what is good for all students is good for my son.  

Remember also to vote against state Proposition 38 and support Measures AA and BB here in Berkeley. 


John Selawsky 

candidate Berkeley School Board 



Breland helped reduce crime in neighbor 


Dear Editor, 

I am writing to express my support for Margaret Breland's re-election to District 2. Four years ago, when Ms. Breland took office, our neighborhood had a serious problem with prostitution taking place along San Pablo Avenue at the intersections with our neighborhood. Thanks to community meetings that Ms. Breland sponsored and chaired, we were able to voice our concerns to the police department's Area Coordinator for West Berkeley. I now find it ironic that the police have chosen to endorse Ms. Breland's opponent, when they know that Margaret has worked with them to lower the crime rate in West and South Berkeley. 

We are grateful to Margaret for bringing us this opportunity to solve a serious problem. Her persistent efforts to help us rid our neighborhood of this type of crime demonstrate her commitment to making West and South Berkeley a more livable community. I urge everyone in the district to vote for Margaret on Nov. 7. 

Cloé Guesdon 

West Berkeley Resident 

Foldvary will eliminate root causes of ills 



Because Democrats and Republicans create social problems such as poverty, pollution, and conflict with their policies, and because Fred Foldvary's libertarian solutions will eliminate the causes and remedy these social ills, District 9 voters who do not vote for Foldvary for Congress will be morally responsible for helping to cause poverty, pollution, congestion, 

high housing costs, and crime. To avoid this moral blame, you must vote in Foldvary for Congress. Media that do not publicize this will also be culpable for the social problems that plague us. Voters must be made aware of this fundamental choice and then decide whether to cause social problems or remedy them. (Those voting for the Natural Law candidate for Congress would also be absolved of responsibility - vote for the minor party of your choice!) 


Fred Foldvary 



Sweeney knows city’s transportation issues 


Mr. James Sweeney is the only AC Transit candidate who lives in Berkeley and knows the issues here. He is the only candidate who actually attended any measure B meetings and supported Measure B with a personal donation.  

Sweeney’s experience includes being a manager/consultant to UC Communications and Transportation Department. The fact that he is the executive director of Oakland Independence Support Center and serves the dually diagnosed mentally disabled homeless, is a constant reminder of those in the society who are transit dependent.  

He strongly supports the maintenance and expansion of para - transit services for our seniors and disabled. He also supports a commitment to weekend and late bus service to assist our youth.  

James Sweeney’s credentials include a bachelor’s degree from UC Riverside, and a juris doctorate from UC Davis. He is currently chair of the board of trustees for New College of California in San Francisco.  

The Mayor of Berkeley, Shirley Dean endorsed Sweeney as well as the Mayor of Richmond, Rosemary Corbin, the Mayor of San Pablo, Barbara Vigil, the former Mayor of Albany and former AC Transit representative, Ruth Ganong, Alameda County Supervisors Keith Carson and Mary King, Berkeley city council members Betty Olds and Margaret Breland, and former Berkeley AC Transit director Jerry Wiggins.  


Frank Davis 


Black Properties Owner Association 




Nader should help Gore 


I think it is a disgrace that Ralph Nader will not release his votes to Al Gore. The Republican party is playing into it and couldn’t be happier.  

Each vote for Nader is a vote for Bush. It is sickening to think of George W. Bush being president for the next four to eight years.  


Andree Leenaer Smith