Voter survey shows demographic habits

The Associated Press
Wednesday November 08, 2000

Among the findings of Voter News Service exit polling of California voters in Tuesday's election: 

l Vice President Al Gore won the support of six in 10 California women voters. 

l Gore outpolled Texas Gov. George W. Bush by a 2-1 margin among Hispanics. 

l Bush polled higher among those who said they haven't felt the benefits of the nation's good economy. He was supported by nearly two-thirds of those who said their financial situation was the same or worse than it was four years ago. 

l Self-described moderates heavily favored Gore. About 58 percent of those voters supported the vice president, with a margin of error at 3.5 percent. 

l Bush polled highest among those who listed taxes as their top concern _ about eight in ten of those voters supported him.  

l Voters who named education as their main concern leaned toward Gore. 

l About one in eight independent voters _ a group that accounts for 20 percent of the California electorate _ supported Green Party candidate Ralph Nader. The balance of independents were split between Bush and Gore. 

l Older voters leaned slightly toward Gore. Those 65 and older, who account for about one-fifth of voters, supported t 

he vice president by a  

narrow margin. 

l Gore enjoyed the support of voters in all income categories less than $100,000, while those in the top income bracket leaned toward Bush.