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Berkeley has on-line Vietnam memorial

Daily Planet staff
Saturday November 11, 2000

The Internet's popularity has occasionally sparked concern that increasing reliance upon computers will cause community relationship and “real human interaction” to fade.  

Launched on November 11, 1995 at 11a.m., the Berkeley On-Line Vietnam Veterans Memorial represents months of hard work and cooperation between City Officials, local organizer Country Joe McDonald, and City Information Systems staff members. Lianne Birkhold, the city’s webmaster in 1995, describes the project as one of the most emotionally rewarding of her career. “Family members came in with pictures and stories, touched and grateful that something was being done to honor their family members.  

On the day the site was launched, they came in person to share their feelings with other families from the area. Some still send messages on the site every year.” Visitors from all over the world are able to contribute stories, remembrances, and comments to soldiers’ guestbook.  

The site serves as a growing tribute to Berkeley’s 22 fallen, and a place for families, friends, and soldiers to meet and exchange messages.  

Visit the site at: