Community Church’s new leader takes an inclusive approach

By Chason Wainwright Daily Planet Staff
Wednesday November 15, 2000

Some people will drive quite some distance to come to the Northbrae Community Church. The Rev. Ronald Sebring said he came all the way from Independence, Mo.  

Sebring, who began to serve as the minister at Northbrae Community Church Sept. 1, said he believes the church attracts people who are looking for a broad and inclusive approach to what religion is all about.  

“Searching people – people looking for something deeper in the Christian path,” he said.  

He said he sought out an application for the position as minister because he really liked the concept and approach the church took to religion.  

He said that what sets the Northbrae Community Church apart from other, more traditional, churches is that they look at the exemplary lives of individuals, rather than focusing on creeds and beliefs.  

Sebring points to the church’s stained glass windows, which depict 26 people from throughout history whom he calls the “torchbearers.” Among the people depicted are Jesus, Confucius, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, and even Albert Einstein.  

The church was established in 1914 and has had only three long-tenured Senior Ministers in its history. Coming into the position, Sebring said he was honored and that it was a challenge. “We’re still in the process of getting to know one another. We’re taking a look at where we come from and where we want to go,” he said. 

Reverend Sebring said that the fact that the church has had long-tenured ministers is good because the church has well developed chapters in its history. He said he thinks the church is ready to begin writing a new chapter.