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Groups give award to library fund-raisers

By Juliet Leyba Daily Planet Staff
Tuesday November 21, 2000

A Berkeley volunteer organization garnered national attention and was recently bestowed with the Daily Points of Light Award by the Knights of Columbus, the Corporation for National Service and the Points of Light Foundation. 

The volunteers, who have raised more than $3.5 million for the Berkeley Public Library, were recognized for making a commitment to service in their community and for meeting critical needs of children and youth. 

“Two years ago Berkeley had no library foundation,” said Library Foundation Executive Director Glen Gilbert.  

“Now we have a core group of 18  

volunteers with an additional 30 or so part-time helpers.” 

The Berkeley Public Library Foundation members volunteer their time, energy and dollars to ensure that the now closed library will re-open in spring 2000 and have the necessary infrastructure to make it a success. The library, located on the corner of Shattuck and Kittridge streets, has been closed since October 1998. A temporary library was set up around the corner. 

“The plan has been to restore the old library and expand it,” Gilbert said. “Residents approved a $30 million bond measure to do that but it specifically states that those funds cannot be used to furnish the library.” 

The foundation was created to raise money to buy desks, tables, chairs and computer equipment for the new library. 

The new facility, which will be twice as big as the original library, will feature a 150-seat community meeting Room, an expanded children’s room, a teen room, an activity room, 100 new computers and a digital classroom. 

The Points of Light Foundation searches for programs that meet community needs and lead to long-term solutions, effort that build connections between the community and that demonstrate measurable impact, said President and CEO Robert Goodwin. 

“For demonstrating volunteer service that meets the criteria, Berkeley Public Library Foundation is truly deserving of recognition as a Daily Point of Light,” wrote Goodwin in his congratulatory letter. 

The award was presented virtually  

and can be accessed at 

In addition to receiving the Daily Points of Light Award, the Library Foundation was also awarded the Kresage Challenge Grant earlier this year and hopes to raise the additional $200,000 needed in order to qualify for the prize – an additional $300,000. 

“We’re getting down to the wire,” Gilbert said. “I sure hope we can make it.” 

The foundation has until December 31, 2000 to raise the necessary money to qualify for the challenge grant, according to Gilbert.  

The Library Foundation can be reached at or by calling 549-2943.