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Oakland airport still has parking spots available

Bay City News
Wednesday November 22, 2000

One of the Bay area's most precious commodities – parking – is fast fading at Oakland International Airport this holiday season. 

But for the time being, spaces are still available, said airport duty supervisor Carolyn Anderson. 

“We still have quite a bit of parking left in our parking lot,'' she said. “Right now we still have a quarter of the space in our overflow.”  

She also warned, however, “Tomorrow, the space is gonna dwindle fast.”  

As of late afternoon Tuesday, the airport parking lot had 522 spaces available in its short-term section, 866 in its long-term section, and 747 in the economy section, Anderson said. 

“I’m sure all of this will change by noontime tomorrow,” she said.  

That’s when the real crunch begins, as the Thanksgiving celebrants begin their annual migration.