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Letters to the Editor

Saturday November 25, 2000

Christians’ role must be examined 


In your November 16 opinion piece “Perspective,” the faculty of the Pacific School of Religion decry the ghettoization (though they avoid using the word) of Palestinians by Israelis, and call for support of PLO diplomatic positions. Many may agree with these sentiments. But coming from a European Christian seminary, this perspective needs acknowledgment of the Christian role in creating the situation. The Crusaders’ atrocities on Moslems, Jews and Eastern Christians exceed all massacres worldwide since the Second World War. In particular, their trashing of the Jewish Temple facilitated later construction of the mosque that is the recent flash point. Unless you have edited out their acknowledgment, their position reeks of ignorance at best, and the old race-hatred at worst. 


Mark Tatz 


Mom continues to pray for son 


Last week, my son Jeffrey Schilling spoke over Radio Mindanao. I am thankful to know that he is still alive and that he still has some small measure of hope. However, I am distressed that he is still being held captive and that he has so many health problems. He is coughing up blood and he has a swollen leg from an infection. I pray that the people holding Jeffrey will let him go so he can receive proper medical care. I thank everyone who has been praying for Jeffrey and for his wife Ivy. Please continue your prayers. 

Carol Schilling 



Horrified at police comment 


We were horrified to read Lt. Lopes’ comments that the alleged junior-high gang rape victim possessed “some type of mental capacity that allows her to be duped into these situations... She makes the same mistakes over and over again.” To see a police officer perpetuate the myth that the victim must have somehow asked for it is an outrage. When this attitude is expressed by the spokesperson for the police department, its effects are particularly harmful: seeing her experience belittled will surely deter other men and women from reporting abuse. Our police must challenge the history of oppression which blames the victims of violence. Nobody, no matter how short her skirt, asks to be raped. 

Ben Harvey, Amy Hofer, Nik Putnam, Sara Tolley