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Shooting investigations ongoing

Daily Planet Staff Reports
Wednesday November 29, 2000

Lt. Russell Lopes describes the series of shootings in the area of 2700 Sacramento Street as a battle between the Hatfields and the McCoys. 

There are shootings, then retaliations, he said. To date, all victims have survived. 

That includes the teenager who had a bullet in the sole of his shoes Monday evening. 

It was about 6 p.m. when a man approached two women and the teen outside an apartment on the 2700 block of Sacramento, Lopes said.  

“The suspect walked in front of the house and shot several times,” Lopes said. The bullets missed the three persons, who may have been the targets. “A ricocheted bullet was embedded in the teen’s shoe.” 

“It’s all part of the ongoing crimes down there,” Lopes said, referring to a series of shootings.  

On Nov. 14 there was a shooting on the 2700 block of Sacramento, at the same address where Monday evening’s shots were fired.  

Police believe that, in retaliation for the Nov. 14 shooting, a person tried to shoot someone stopped at a traffic light on Ward and Sacramento Nov. 20. 

Police believe that the shots fired at the two women and teen Monday evening may have been in response to the Nov. 20 shooting. 

One man was arrested Saturday in connection with the Nov. 20 shooting. He is incarcerated at Santa Rita Jail.