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Only Words?

Joy Flaherty
Wednesday February 28, 2001


What a dream! Was it a dream? 

Just a thought! But what a thought. 

How could one be sure, but then again maybe. 

Was this our Whale, was this our Lesson? 

The Wars of Man becoming so numerous 

With such devastating means of destruction. 

Suffering from outbreaks all over our Lands 

The recent Terrorists guided by the same great Hands? 


Do we really expect to win always? 

To be the Leader of the Free World? 

(Now, what Free World?) 

To perpetuate the killing and retribution? 

Is that our role in this Game of Life? 

Fear and torment because we can’t understand 

Maybe our Gold and God ARE the same 

With lessons coming from the same Beam of Light. 


Over and over the same lessons learned. 

Or just passed off as ‘the way things are’. 

“We can’t be wrong; we have all the Love.” 

But we never thought we were repeating  

Our transgressions in Volumes stretching 

Over 2000 years of our Love of possessions. 

Compassion for others has been our sanctity 

To rectify our minds and spiritual Salvation. 


Again we will pass over the meaning of 

God’s love and in His Name we will 

Take the high road to ‘Punish the Infidels’. 

Maybe the lightning and thunder of last night 

Awakened a Truth in others besides me- 

Maybe put the Sword back in the ‘Holster’? 

Finding the men responsible for our Plight 

And having those who listen to the same God as ours 

Over for Supper some Evening.  

Joy Flaherty