Police Briefs

Wednesday February 28, 2001

On Wednesday, members of California Peace Action, an anti-war group, reported that their group had received several hateful e-mails over the last few weeks, some of which may have risen to the level of threats. 

Police said that the group received two threatening messages on Sept. 13 and another on Tuesday. The first two messages included passages such as “Outfits like yours should be reduced to rubble,” “You disgust me to the core of my being,” and, simply, “Die.” 

The third e-mail contained nothing in its body, but its subject header read, “Be careful what you do, you may not like the results.” 

Sgt. Kay Lantow of the BPD said that the messages were all sent from different e-mail servers. 

“The number of these messages doesn’t compare to the overwhelming number of e-mails in support of what we’re doing,” said Andrew Page, Northern California director of Peace Action. 

Page said that while the messages were somewhat disturbing, they are not nearly so disturbing as the “race crimes” being committed across the country. 

“This doesn’t compare to the actual hate crimes against Arab Americans that are occurring,” he said. “We’re just trying to cover our butts.” 


Also on Wednesday, a woman who lives on the 1000 block of Cedar Street reported that her American flag had been vandalized. 

The officer who responded to the call noted that he had seen the flag on the victim’s wooden fence during the previous week. He reported that it had since been ripped down and stomped into the dirt, leaving it ripped and full of holes. 

The police have no suspects.