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Friday March 02, 2001

Amazed that anything from New Deal exists 



I was astonished to read that independent bookstores have sued Borders and Barnes & Noble under the Robinson-Patman Act of 1936 which you describe as "enacted to prevent large businesses from using their purchasing power to gain market advantage." 

How can it be that in the year 2001 there is ANY law remaining from the New Deal that the bought Republicrats have not weakened or repealed?  

I suspect that the Robinson-Patman Act will soon follow the Sherman Anti-Trust Act onto history's trash heap as the great corporations finalize their domination of our minds through their control of the mass media and Washington, D.C. 



Gray Brechin 

UC Department  

of Geography 

Every Bush thought is new 



To George Bush, every sentence is a new thought on a clean slate. Witness his speech (Tuesday). At one moment he said that our schools should be controlled locally, not by the Federal government. A moment later he said that if a school accepts Federal money, it must submit to annual, standardized, Federal testing. This is not a contradiction to George W. Bush.  

Every sentence is a new thought on a clean slate. 

Bruce Joffe