Shooting suspect planned to kill self

The Associated Press
Wednesday March 14, 2001

The Associated Press 


EL CAJON — The high school freshman accused of killing two classmates and wounding 13 other people in and around a campus bathroom told investigators he planned to use his last bullet on himself, according to court papers. 

Charles Andrew “Andy” Williams, 15, said he counted out 40 bullets before class, stowed his father’s gun in his backpack and hid in a bathroom stall to load the revolver, investigators said in an affidavit for a search warrant that a judge unsealed late Monday afternoon. 

“He understood that his behavior was wrong and that it would result in injuring or killing people,” Sharon Lunsford, a San Diego County Sheriff’s Department investigator, wrote in the affidavit used to support a search of the apartment in Santee where Williams lived with his father. 

Williams was charged with 28 felonies, including two counts of murder, for the March 5 shooting at Santana High School in Santee, about 15 miles from downtown San Diego. 

The court papers suggest Williams carefully planned the shooting even though he had no specific target.  

He told investigators he planned to run away and kill himself after the shooting but that police and deputies thwarted his plan by arriving sooner than he expected. 

“He said that, while he did not intend to kill any particular person, if someone died, they died,” Lunsford wrote. 

The documents provide few clues to the motive for the shooting.  

Williams told investigators he had made a few friends since moving from Twentynine Palms six months earlier, that the people in Santee were “different” from those he had known before and he was disappointed with school. 

He had begun to skip school and was barred from classes several times because he was late. His father, Charles, told investigators his son had recently started talking back to him. 

The father said he had taken the boy shooting several times and kept other guns in the house in a locked cabinet. 

Lawyers for Williams in the San Diego County public defender’s office declined to comment Tuesday through a spokeswoman, Linda Miller. 

The attorneys are busy researching the case and a possible challenge to Proposition 21, the voter-approved initiative that prosecutors used to charge the boy in adult court, Miller said. 

Under Proposition 21, the San Diego district attorney was obligated to file charges in adult court because Williams is alleged to have committed murder with the special circumstances of lying in wait and killing more than one person, spokeswoman Denise Vedder said. 

The spokeswoman declined to comment on the contents of the affidavit for a search warrant and the sheriff’s department investigator did not immediately return a message left on her voice mail.