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’Jackets can’t find their offense against University

By Jared Green Daily Planet Staff
Thursday March 22, 2001

The Berkeley High boys’ lacrosse team started its game against University (San Francisco) with a bang, with midfielder Ed Hill scoring the game’s first goal on the Yellowjackets’ opening possession. Unfortunately, the ’Jackets went out with a whimper, as they were held scoreless for the next 40 minutes and lost 11-2. 

The Red Devils (7-2 overall, 4-0 league) were led by attackers Brian Wendell and Aldis Butler, who had 10 and eight points, respectively. Wendell scored four goals, two from assists by Butler, while Butler scored three goals, one assisted by Wendell. 

Hill, one of the few ’Jackets who could maintain possession of the ball for any amount of time, scored both Berkeley goals, with the second coming late in the fourth quarter after the game was long decided. The ’Jackets looked thoroughly confused in the first quarter, as they tried a new defense, but after falling behind 3-1 and rarely invading the University goal, they went back to their man-to-man defense. 

Following Hill’s first goal, University’s Roman Adler struck back with a goal. Berkeley’s Joe Rabinowitz had a shot at point-blank range on Devil goalie Sean Koffel, but couldn’t finish it. That was the end of Berkeley’s offense in the opening period, as University held the ball in their offensive zone. Wendell scored two goals to end the period, including one power-play goal after Berkeley defender Brandon Lucker put a late hit on one of Wendell’s teammates and was assessed a penalty. 

The second quarter was much of the same, as the Devils scored four goals and killed a short two-man advantage for Berkeley. Berkeley just couldn’t connect on their passes close to the University goal, and Butler took advantage early in the quarter. A missed connection from behind the Devil goal ended up with the ball rolling free, and Butler scooped it up, made a 30-yard run and beat Berkeley goalie Mark Bloch for his first score. 

Later in the period, Butler used a solid pick to get free in front of Bloch once again, and beat him low. Wendell followed soon after with a wraparound goal, and then University put on a show, as Butler stole a Bloch outlet pass and drove toward the goal before flipping a pass behind his head to Wendell for the prettiest goal of the game. 

Berkeley came out of halftime with fire in their eyes, and they had several good shots on goal. Midfielder Stefan Isaksen juked his way to a 20-yard run that led to the doorstep of the goal, but he just missed the upper corner. Berkeley just couldn’t finish their chances, and when University’s Bingo McKenzie scored a long shot on Berkeley substitute goalie Monty Carlson, it seemed to take the wind out of the ’Jackets’ sails. University tacked on three more goals to end the game.