Berkeley runners to ‘Breeze’ through Devil Mountain

Bay City News
Tuesday May 01, 2001

Four of the seven Berkeley girls who ran a marathon in Rome last month to raise money to create a lounge at Oakland Children's Hospital in memory of a friend who died of cancer are at it again. 

Four members of the Berkeley “Breeze,” composed of Alice Brugger, Mariko Holland, Esther Schmidt, Gabriela Casal, Rachel Williams, Chelsea Zussman and Mia Arakaki, are ready to tie up their running shoes and run. 

Their goal of raising money to build a play area and school room at the pediatric hospital's oncology department remains the same, but this time they'll be running closer to home, as they take part in the 24th annual Devil Mountain run on May 6. 

Along with some 4,000 other racers, they expect to make their way up Iron Horse Trail in Danville to benefit the hospital.  

They have already raised some $25,000 from their Italian venture, which leaves them half-way toward achieving their goal. 

Help them out by registering for the 5k or 10k races. More information is available on line at www.kidsfirst.org, of by calling (415) 759-2690.