Kidnapper says he’ll commit child crimes from jail

The Associated Press
Saturday May 05, 2001

The man found guilty Wednesday of kidnapping and sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl has had a lot to say to media representatives in the day following his conviction. 

The FBI has been working to find out where Curtis Dean Anderson was when three Bay Area girls, Michaela Garecht, Amber Swartz and Nikki Campbell, disappeared more than a decade ago. 

Anderson Defense attorney Carl Spieckerman said that Anderson “has a very good alibi where he was in custody someplace” when those disappearances happened. 

But Authorities say that may not be true. 

And in a phone interview from his jail cell, Anderson, 40, told KTVU reporter Rita Williams late Thursday evening that he, in fact, was not in custody at the time Scwarz and Garecht vanished.  

However, Anderson said he did not kidnap them. 

In another interview with KRON reporter Linda Yee, Anderson threatened late Thursday that, if sent to jail, he will perpetuate pedophile crimes from behind bars. 

He said he will effectively teach other inmates, especially those ready for parole, how and where to molest children. 

“I’ll send out people yearly to do what I can’t do no longer.” 

Anderson said he started molesting children when he was 10 years old.  

Then he made a statement apparently indicative of the fact that he believes pedophilia to be something not everyone views as illegal. 

“If I did it a hundred times and have only come to police attention once,” he said, “doesn’t that say to you that maybe the other people involved don’t think of it as a crime like you in society do.” 

Following Wednesday’s conviction, Anderson claimed he kidnapped and killed a 7-year-old in a high-profile case, and said he has snatched 10 other girls off the streets in years past. 

Anderson told Fairfield Daily Republic reporter Rowena Lugtu-Shaddox that he abducted and killed 7-year-old Xiana Fairchild, who disappeared from Vallejo in December 1999.  

Her skull was found in January on a rural road in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 

He said Thursday he has information about the girl’s disappearance, but that he won’t give any of it to investigators unless they cut him a deal. 

“I’m the only one who knows all of what happened to Xiana,” Anderson told the newspaper. “This is gonna go down like the Zodiac.” 

Anderson was referring to a series of five murders in California in 1969 and 1970 believed to be committed by someone calling himself “Zodiac” in letters to police and newspapers. 

Anderson claims to have kidnapped and sexually assaulted 10 other girls over the past 30 years, but has provided authorities with no evidence to directly link him to other crimes. 

“I was on a good roll for 30 years, enjoying my sexual preferences,” Anderson said.  

“It was a better way of working for 30 years. This is the first time I’ve been in a courtroom (for such a crime).” 

Anderson said that many of those girls returned home after convincing him that what he had done to them was “no big deal,” he said. 

When asked Thursday evening if authorities had Xiana’s killer in jail, Anderson said, “No comment.” 

He remains a suspect in the Xiana case, authorities say, but no charges have been filed. Police say they need credible information to link Anderson to that case. 

“A lot depends on evidence. It’s not necessary to have the body. It’s not essential,” said Vallejo Police Lt. JoAnn West. “It just depends on the information.” 

Anderson’s defense attorney, Carl Spieckerman, said he had no indication his client would make the statements about other abductions, and that doing so would endanger him in prison where pedophiles are treated harshly. 

“It seems like he’s got a death wish,” Spieckerman said. 

Anderson admitted he’s worried about his 250 year jail sentence, adding that if he’s not protected in prison, he’ll be murdered.