Bay Bridge bungee jumper arrested

By Ron Harris Associated Press Writer
Monday May 07, 2001

SAN FRANCISCO – A member of MTV’s “Real World” cast got a taste of the real world behind bars early Saturday after he bungee jumped 150 feet from the underside of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

The California Highway Patrol found Jamie Murray, 23, dangling and tangled in his bungee cords at about 7 a.m. high above an outcrop of land under the north end of the bridge. A spokesman said Murray was suspended for about 15 minutes before rappelling into the waiting arms of CHP officer Thomas Plume who quickly arrested him for trespassing. 

Plume said the stunt was ill advised and dangerous. 

“He could have died,” Plume said. He acknowledged that others have bungee jumped from the bridge in the past. 

A spokeswoman for MTV did not immediately return calls from The AP seeking comment. Murray said he attempted the dangerous stunt in an effort to “spread love” to members of his generation. 

“This jump is my way of drawing attention to the need for a positive movement of personal growth and social healing,” Murray said in a statement released moments before jumping. “I believe that the problems that plague our society are the problems that plague ourselves.” 

Murray, originally from Wilmette, Ill., appeared as a cast member in “Real World” episodes taped in New Orleans. 

Josh Kritzler, who accompanied Murray on the bridge for the stunt, said is friend was simply trying to send out a message to young people. 

“He really believes that the youth of America don’t have a direction to follow. He wanted to say ‘Hey, we can do something,”’ Kritzler told The AP.