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Teachers to get discounted class rates from UC Berkeley

Bay City News Service
Monday May 21, 2001

The University of California at Berkeley is offering summer courses at a discounted price for teachers from the Berkeley, Oakland, West Contra Costa and San Francisco unified school districts. 

The “100 Teachers” program will provide the “scholar teachers” with an exemption from course and lab fees - which run from $100 to $400 a class at Cal.  

The teachers will also get a $50 discount on the $325 enrollment fee, which means that they can take as many units as they can for $275 – hundreds of dollars less than the $900 the average student pays for a 5-unit course during the summer. 

The program is an attempt to lure more teachers into studying in the university during the summer, says Gary Penders, the director of the university’s summer program.  

Penders says the number of those teachers taking classes from the university in the summer dwindled beginning in 1979, when school cuts caused some school districts to cut back on subsidizing teachers’ summer courses.