Sheriff’s Department follows up on missing woman clues

The Associated Press
Wednesday May 23, 2001

MODESTO — The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department has stepped up its search for a missing woman, Washington, D.C,. intern Chandra Ann Levy, and has sent investigators out of the state to follow up on at least one tip as to her whereabouts. 

Authorities here confirm that they have followed up on an anonymous telephone tip called in to Sacramento television station KOVR that 24-year-old Levy was in a town outside of California. The sheriff’s department dispatched investigators to follow up on that tip. 

“We called the law enforcement agency in the town where she could possibly be to see if the can put some fliers out,” said sheriff’s department spokesman Kelly Huston. “It’s just one of the multitude of tips that we’re trying to eliminate as possible leads.” 

Huston would not say which town or state investigators traveled to in following up on the tip. 

Huston says it’s one of the multitude of calls they’ve gotten on the case, and the department has sent deputies all over the state to follow tips. “We’ve traveled to Sacramento, We’ve traveled to L.A., we’ve traveled to Turlock.” 

As many as 100 tips have been phoned in since the 24-year-old was reported missing from her Washington, D.C., apartment earlier this month, Huston said