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Time for a real third party

Friday May 25, 2001

Time for a real third party 


Perhaps the hoopla over Senator Jeffords’ realignment to the Democratic Party was timed to try to obscure the fact that twelve Democratic Senators voted along with all the Republicans for Bush’s tax reduction for rich people. At a time when more money is needed for the Women-Infants-Children and Headstart programs, when Medicare and Social Security need to be financially reinforced, when the Reagan-Bush national debt needs to be paid off, twelve Democrats chose to give nearly half of the $1.35 trillion to the richest one percent. 

In doing so, those Senators have clearly demonstrated that the Democratic Party is not an opposing force to the self-serving Republicans. They are merely “Republicans-Lite.” I believe that ordinary Americans, most of whom won’t vote for either type of Republican, are now ready to support a real opposition party, if leaders would step forward. 


Bruce Joffe