California auto insurance rates defy upward trend

The Associated Press
Thursday June 07, 2001

While Californians are getting squeezed by electricity costs, they’re getting the best deal in the country on car insurance because of a unique state law, a new study by a consumer group shows. -more-

Activist settles suit with publisher over book

The Associated Press
Wednesday June 06, 2001

SAN FRANCISCO — Random House Inc. has agreed to stop distributing copies of a philosophical memoir by Bryan Magee that accuses a noted lecturer, author and one-time confidant of Bertrand Russell of being a CIA operative. -more-

UC Regents set to revisit affirmative action vote

The Associated Press
Tuesday June 05, 2001

BERKELEY — Six years after capturing the national spotlight by dropping affirmative action admissions, University of California regents are poised to revisit the contentious topic. -more-

Trial begins for alleged killer of dog

The Associated Press
Tuesday June 05, 2001

SAN JOSE — Trial begins this week for a former telephone repairman accused of an infamous act of road rage – throwing a woman’s little white dog into traffic after a minor accident. -more-

Bear bursts into rental store

The Associated Press
Saturday June 02, 2001

SAN FRANCISCO — A 200-pound black bear crashed through a glass door and was holed up in a Hertz rental store in Salinas for 4.5 hours Friday before police officers closed off the street, surrounded the building and tranquilized the animal. -more-

Circuit Court blocks timber sales

The Associated Press
Friday June 01, 2001

SAN FRANCISCO — In a blow to the logging industry, a federal appeals panel blocked the harvest of thousands of acres of old-growth forest in southwestern Oregon, ruling Thursday the federal government did not adequately address the plight of protected salmon. -more-

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