Tuesday June 19, 2001

A 42-year-old man shot in the abdomen about 2 a.m. Monday on Forrest Street is recovering from surgery at Highland Hospital, according to police. 

Berkeley Police Lt. Russell Lopes said the victim was walking home when a car stopped beside him and a black male got out. Without speaking or giving any warning, Lopes said the man was shot in the abdomen. There are no suspects.  


A sleeping 32-year-old homeless man was stabbed numerous times by a 27-year-old Latino male inside an abandoned building on Heinz Street at 11 p.m. Sunday, according to police. 

The men argued earlier, and the suspect allegedly attacked the victim with a six-inch knife. The man was stabbed multiple times in the left shoulder, arm and abdomen. He also suffered cuts on the left side of his face and his left ear, Lopes said. 

The victim was taken to Highland Hospital, and a suspect has not been identified, Lopes said. 


A 23-year-old UC Berkeley student, walking home about 10:30 Saturday, was robbed by four black males and nearly stabbed by a wrench, according to police. 

The suspects surrounded the victim and beat him, and during the beating, the suspects went through his pockets and removed his wallet, keys and a Swiss Army knife, Lopes said. One suspect attempted to stab the victim, but instead of using a knife, Lopes said he attacked him with the wrench. 

The victim had cuts and bruises but refused medical attention. There have been no arrests. 


A man was arrested while standing with a group of friends outside of the hospitals Emergency Room, after it was determined he intentionally set fire to a stack of wax cups at Alta Bates Hospital. 

A 23-year-old male asked a security guard where the cafeteria was, and a few minutes later, the security guard saw the man leaving quickly, Lopes said. Minutes later, a fire was reported in the cafeteria and a security tape showed the suspect stacking wax cups on a table and lighting them, Lopes said.