Police seek second interview with California congressman

The Associated Press
Thursday June 21, 2001

Police have asked Rep. Gary Condit for a second interview about his relationship with a missing 24-year-old woman. 

Chandra Levy of Modesto has not been seen in seven weeks, shortly after finishing an internship with the federal Bureau of Prisons in Washington. 

“We’d like to know more about his relationship with Miss Levy and what insight he might have into her mindset,” said Terrance W. Gainer, Washington’s No. 2 police official. “We want to find out more about her and how she lived and what she was thinking.” 

Gainer said police could talk to Condit as early as Wednesday night, but that no time had been set. 

Condit, 53, has described Levy as a “good friend” but has otherwise kept quiet publicly about his relationship with the University of Southern California graduate student. 

Levy’s mother, Susan, has said her daughter told her she was seeing the congressman, who is married. The family lives in Condit’s district. 

Gainer said Condit “is absolutely not a suspect” in Levy’s disappearance, which police consider a missing persons case, not a crime. The congressman was interviewed by police once before. 

Calls to Condit’s offices in Washington and Modesto were not immediately returned. Calls to his lawyer, Joseph W. Cotchett of Burlingame, also were not returned. 

Levy’s parents traveled to Washington late Tuesday to meet with their new lawyer, Billy Martin. Martin’s clients have included the mother of Monica Lewinsky and heavyweight boxer Riddick Bowe. He currently is representing Cincinnati as the Justice Department investigates the city’s police force. 

Martin spent part of the day Wednesday in Cincinnati. He later returned to Washington and said he planned to meet with the Levys. 

They might hold a news conference Thursday, he said. 

Police also would like to talk to the Levys, but no time has been set, Gainer said. 

Gainer said police still do not have a good idea about what happened to Levy, even after examining her bank, computer and telephone records. 

“We don’t have any particular direction to go,” he said. 

Levy was last seen April 30 at a Washington gym. She was expected to return to California a few days later for her graduation from USC with a master’s degree in public administration. 

When police searched her apartment they found no signs of foul play. Only her keys were missing.