Saturday June 30, 2001

Approved by the City Council last Tuesday, the city’s budget is based on funding streams that include property taxes, parking fines and sales tax. -more-

Environmental group to sue EPA over arsenic standards

The Associated Press
Friday June 29, 2001

The Associated Press -more-

GOP withholds votes, budget fails in Assembly

The Associated Press
Thursday June 28, 2001

SACRAMENTO — An estimated $101 billion state budget failed to win Assembly support Wednesday, with Republicans following their Senate counterparts and withholding their votes. -more-

Farmers eager to jump into ethanol industry

The Associated Press
Wednesday June 27, 2001

GRIDLEY — A handful of rice farmers are poised to capture part of California’s expectedly huge ethanol market now that the state must comply with a Bush Administration order to continue using gasoline additives to reduce air pollution. -more-

Court maintains Napster infringement

The Associated Press
Tuesday June 26, 2001

A federal appeals court has upheld its February decision that Napster contributes to copyright infringement and must remove protected works from its song-swapping service. -more-

Single winning ticket sold for record lottery jackpot

By Karen A. Davis Associated Press Writer
Monday June 25, 2001

SAN FRANCISCO – The largest single-state jackpot in U.S. history has a winner. -more-

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