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Don’t group Girl Scouts with their male counterparts

Saturday August 11, 2001


When my daughter Ashley and I sat in front of the Berkeley Bowl last March selling Girl Scout cookies, the most frequesntly asked question, aside from “Do you still have Thin Mints?” was, “Do Girl Scouts discriminate against gays?” 

We were proud to answer, “Girl Scouts just want to help, support and nurture girls in ANY way that they need it. Girl Scouts do not discriminate. They are truly there just to help girls.”  

And it’s true. The national Girl Scout organization’s motto is “Where Girls Grow Strong.” They have really helped my daughter in about a hundred different ways. They are a great organization. The Boy Scouts should take note. 

PS: Ashley sold 1,247 boxes of cookies, won a $350 gift certificate and a trip to Sacramento Water World where she saved a child from drowning, helped a concussion victim find paramedic help and returned a lost toddler to his mother. Her troop, 3982, is hoping to go to Sakai next year and sold 9,465 boxes to raise money in case they are chosen to go.  

PPS: You can buy cookies from her next year too! There are going to be two new flavors. 


Jane Stillwater