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Removed commissioner caring, dedicated

Peni Hall Berkeley
Saturday August 18, 2001


I admit I am not seeped in the intricacies of Berkeley politics. But the firing of a dedicated and caring member of the Commission on Disabilities, Karen Craig shocked and saddened me.  

I know the Easy Does It issue was difficult and divisive. I think lots of folks were mad. I was. Some people were obviously mad at Karen, so much so that an entire body of work that made life easier, safer and generally better for disabled,seniors and others was completely ignored. 

I was involved in the recent meeting between all the folks involved with the Berkeley Free Folk Festival. In a room full of divided and frustrated people,she facilitated a fair and constructive meeting. I think everyone learned something.  

I don’t know if this regrettable action is a done deal. I hope not. The firing happened immediately before the long vacation of the City Council. How courageous. 

When the City Council starts in September, I hope there will be a reconsideration.  


Peni Hall