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Using the tax break for something worthwhile

Kate S. Elman Emeryville
Monday August 20, 2001

The Daily Planet received this letter addressed to President Bush: 

Dear Mr. President: 


You have been criticized lately for some things you have done. This note is to praise, and to thank you for some things you have done exactly right! 

Such as the income tax rebate. My check arrived last week, and after a brief consultation with my conscience I donated it to the Planned Parenthood Association. As you may know, their mission is to provide women with information about and the opportunity to control the size of their families. 

Planned Parenthood is indeed a faith-based organization, which works for and believes in the day when all children are wanted and all families are a reasonable size. When that goal is reached, we will all be much closer to a world free of hunger and malnutrition, and the suffering which these conditions bring. 

Thus you are, of course, right in believing that people spend their money more wisely than do governments. 

Thank you again! 


Kate S. Elman