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Gaia – tourist attraction?

Victor Herbert Berkeley
Tuesday August 21, 2001


Oops. Hank Resnik writes that the newly unveiled Gaia building is the most attractive building in downtown Berkeley. Michael Katz disagrees, calling it a “monstrous Stalinist-style monument to civic corruption.” and suggests it be re-veiled as well as reviled. 

If anyone is interested in de-escalating this brouhaha, here’s a suggestion how we can all come together over Gaia. Let’s follow the example of San Jose and its Winchester Mystery House and all take civic pride in making this building our number one tourist attraction. 

“Only in Berkeley. Absolutely free. Come and be amazed at THE WORLD’S TALLEST SEVEN-STORY BUILDING.” And who knows. Maybe some tourist can solve the mystery of the missing floors. I’m just trying to be helpful. Have a good day. 

Victor Herbert