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Opinions are just that – opinions

Katherine Thomas
Tuesday August 21, 2001


Kriss Worthington’s bizarre rant against Alameda Newspaper Group and The Tribune which published an editorial about him this week prove several things, one of which is that he’s not fit for public office. 

Mr. Worthington recoiling in horror at the words in the Tribune prove not only does the truth sting, but also that he was caught behaving badly and is now doing what some one with out a leg to stand on does; shouts discrimination at the top of their lungs. 

We, in the era following the advent “political correctness,” tend to cave at accusations of discrimination regardless how absurd they are or who’s making them. Worthington knows this and uses this to his advantage when ever possible, drawing attention to himself and his “cause”, all the while attempting to deflect what ever faux pas he’s committed this time. 

The Tribune, like any decent news source, covered the Boy Scout flap created by Worthington. They were not discriminatory, inflammatory and did not bash any social group. What they did was state the facts and outline the poor actions taken by Worthington who once again succeeded in making Berkeley look like a city full of ill-mannered, weirdo radicals to a visiting group of foreigners. 

Bravo, Kriss! This is of course, the image that we want. It’s in questionable taste to even bring up the roll of sexuality to a group of children, never mind that these were foreign children with no official policy regarding gays. Worthington would surely argue that the presents of the Japanese troupe would necessitate the attendance of their U.S. counterparts that he finds fault with. 

To this one could say, “there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like you, and I doubt it’s due to sexual preference in most cases.” 

So now, he wants not only a personal apology for an opinion piece (sorry Kriss, an editorial in an opinion, and there for cannot be wrong. Hence, no apologies are necessary), But also makes a long list of demands ranging from an apology to the gay community as a whole, to having a say in what voice the paper will take in future stories on this topic.  

Basically, he wants editorial control of a newspaper! Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Gatekeeping is frowned upon at legitimate newspapers in this country. 

And finally, Mr. Worthington, if you do not wish to have editorials written about you that use such discriptives as “despicable,” then refraining from acts that can be defined as such would be a good solution. 

Katherine Thomas