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How some are using their tax refunds:

Thursday August 23, 2001

We sent half the refund to the Alameda County Community Food Bank and the second half to the Children’s Hospital Foundation.  

Marian Wolfe  



I'm against the rebate and the Republicans behind it. It should be donated to social service causes. The East Bay Community Law Center asked me to donate mine, but I've pledged it to National Substitute Teacher Alliance, and have asked others to do same. 

Edith Monk Hallberg 



One-third of $600 is going toward a Montana trip. Two-thirds are divided: one Planet ad, Aids Marathon, Berkeley Outreach recreation Center, Green Action (other good causes) and one compost bin. 

Bill and  

MaryLee Trampleasure 



INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — President Bush said Tuesday he will give his family’s $600 tax rebate to charity, as he fiercely defended his tax cut against Democratic charges that it has already imperiled Medicare and Social Security.  

–The Associated Press