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Safer at lesser speeds

Charles Siegel Berkeley
Tuesday August 28, 2001



A new state law lets Berkeley set lower speed limits. 

Until recently, cities had to set the speed limit based on the prevailing speed on a street. On streets where drivers habitually drive at unsafe speeds, such as Claremont Ave., the city could not use the speed limit to slow traffic down. 

This law was changed by AB 2767. Now cities can set lower speed limits on streets where it is necessary to protect pedestrians or bicyclists and on streets that meet minimum density requirements. Most streets in Berkeley meet these density requirements. 

For more information about this law, see 

Now we can set a speed limit of 25 mph on Claremont Ave., and we can send the police there to enforce it until drivers get accustomed to going more slowly. What are we waiting for? 


Charles Siegel