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Don’t debate whether Zionism equals racism

Mark Tarses Berkeley
Tuesday September 04, 2001


The question “Is Zionism racist?” is itself a racist question. 

Judaism is a religion, not a race. Jews have never claimed to be a distinct, much less a superior, race. Jews of many races live together in Israel. 

Palestinians are not all members of a single race either. There are people of many races living in and around Israel who identify themselves as Palestinians. 

We should not forget that the idea that Judaism is a race and not a religion was the core idea that supported the entire Nazi racial theory.  

The Nazis held the view that there are only two “pure races” in the world: Germans and Jews. As the Nazis saw it, Germans are pure goodness, and Jews are pure evil. All the other races fit in between. 

Now today, we see this evil and erroneous Nazi racial theory being revived again, here in Berkeley, and by people who call themselves “progressives” and “liberals.” 

Decent people should refuse to debate the question “Is Zionism racist?” and should denounce it for what it is – a racist and anti-Semitic question. 

Mark Tarses