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Letter to the Editor

Wednesday September 05, 2001

Berkeley High, pixie dust and staggered lunch 



When my children used to go to LeConte Elementary School, it was such a happy place that I jokingly accused its principal, Barbara Penny-James, of coming early each morning and sprinkling the school with pixie dust! 

Now my daughter is at Berkeley High and, frankly, I was expecting the worst! To my surprise and delight, however, Berkeley High is also a happy place. 

The staff, the counselors, the teachers – they are all positive and helpful and out to do a good job. They are professionals and seem to really care about their students. 

On the first day of school, I noticed that wherever glitches arose – and there were a lot of them – there was Principal Frank Lynch, out in the thick of things, trying to help out each individual student.  

Lynch was not back in his office hiding behind a desk. He was out taking positive measures to get things headed in a productive direction. 

Yes, there is pixie dust present at Berkeley High School. 

BHS has the capacity to become one our community’s greatest assets and is heading in that direction with or without us. Let’s stand behind BHS – the better it serves its students, the more the city of Berkeley benefits by having a factory of excellence pouring quality citizens into our town so that we too can continue to blossom and shine. 

There is only one correction I would like to suggest at Berkeley High: Staggered lunch periods would be nice. Then our very own Factory of Excellence wouldn’t be pouring quality citizens into our community all at once every day at noon. Plus the students wouldn’t have to wait in line forever to get dollar Chinese!  


Jane Stillwater