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With Democrats like these, we don’t need Republicans

Bruce Joffe Piedmont
Thursday September 06, 2001



George Bush’s administration would have money available to spend on education, or to waste on Star Wars, without taking from Social Security, if the Senate had rejected his tax cut for the rich. But 12 Democratic senators voted for Bush’s tax cut, including our own Sen. Diane Feinstein. Now we see that the vote of those dozen Democrats takes $9 billion from Social Security in order to pay tax rebates to the richest 1percent. 

Bush has called the vanished budget surplus “incredibly positive news,” making it clear that he thinks Congress should not fund social programs, like health care, rebuilding schools, and of course, Social Security. But what about those dastardly dozen Senators? With Democrats like them, we don’t need Republicans. 

The only way Sen. Feinstein can regain legitimacy as a Democrat is to rescind Bush’s tax give-away and restore fiscal security to the Social Security trust fund. Year by year, we are all getting closer to the time when we expect to withdraw the hard-earned money we put into that trust fund. And year by year, Bush’s Republican tax scheme brings us closer to the time where there won’t be any money there when we need it. 

I never thought a Democrat would have ever forgotten the importance of Social Security. 


Bruce Joffe