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Scott Newman

Scott Newman
Monday September 10, 2001

Workshops can help create understanding 


While Mr. Piryaei (Workshop Titles are reflective of shocking racism towards Zionism, Sept. 3) feels that the workshop titled, “Dealing with Muslim and Palestinian Groups on Campus, “ is prejudice, the actual content of the workshop was anything but. The workshop equipped Jewish students with skills needed to create a forum for dialouge and discussion, rather than the meaningless yelling that currently occurs on most college campuses. The workshop consisted of a discussion of how as Jewish leaders, we could work with, rather than against leaders of groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine. Next time, before he so quickly jumps to a conclusion, Mr. Piryaei should gather all the details, rather than oversimplifying things, as he accuses others of doing. 

He asks, what my reaction would be had the Students for Justice in Palestine, held a workshop titled, “Dealing with Jewish Groups on Campus?” Knowing the content of my own workshop, I would be elated for the SJP to hold such a workshop. Maybe then true progress could be made. 

Scott Newman