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New hope for new ally

Richard Berkeley Berkeley
Tuesday September 11, 2001


I was so happy to read Richard Register’s letter in the Daily Planet. His appreciation of the sunrise and simultaneous “... Bay waters in view shimmering in bright turquoise and teal,” from the roof deck of his new home, the Gaia Building, really gave me new hope. 

For it is certain that anyone as sensitive as Mr. Register to the aesthetic value and health benefits of sunlight will fight tooth-and-claw, with every weapon at their disposal, and to the very death, to defeat the proposed 5-story building at the corner of Acton and University. As the proposal will of course take one-half of every day’s sunlight from the homes of the poor who live at Erna P. Harris Court, directly west of the proposal. 

Welcome to the fight, Mr. Register. And I am as pleased as you that nobody can, any longer, call you “hypocrite”! 

Richard Berkeley