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It just ain’t necessarily so

Michael Larridi Berkeley
Tuesday September 11, 2001


The fact that you have a disclaimer, “opinions expressed in letters... do not necessarily represent the views...” does not excuse you from printing complete fantasy. The are no rebates to the highest 1 percent; everyone who payed taxes gets the same amount of rebate. The 1 percent mantra was from the failed Gore Campaign it does not apply here., furthermore, I did not think there were those left who believed that there’s such a thing as a Social Security trust fund. It is a shoe box full of I.O.U’s from the general fund! If I wrote that the Earth was flat, would you print it? 

Thank God that the surplus is gone. A little fiscal restraint is now in order. If you put the $9 billion in the context of the $2 trillion budget it is like being $9 off in a $2 thousand budget. 

Michael Larridi