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Jr. college cuts hurting at Laney

Lily Leung Alameda
Tuesday September 11, 2001


Thank you for your recent coverage highlighting $98 million in cuts to the community colleges. We are experiencing these cuts especially hard at Laney College. 

Since Paralta Community College District lost $687,843 from instructional equipment, our students will be suffering with outmoded computers. This will make a genuine difference in their educational experience. 

Our students will also suffer the loss of funds in scheduled maintenance. Roofs need repair, fire alarms need replacing, library materials will not be updated, and deteriorating buildings need attention. 

I respectfully request that the Legislature and Governor Davis restore this vital funding by supporting SB735. California’s community colleges provide open access to all. Our colleges train new workers and retrain those workers that have been laid off. In a time of economic uncertainty, community colleges are the key to kick-starting California’s economy. 

Lily Leung