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Reflections on a day of great tragedy

Tom Lent Berkeley
Thursday September 13, 2001


What goes around comes back around. Let us think and reflect deeply before we react.  

Why did this happen? 

What goes around comes back around.  

What have we done to help create a world where people can feel so desperately impassioned to carry out such horrific acts? 

What can we do so that thousands of innocent people did not die today in vain? 

What goes around comes back around.  

What kind of world do we want to create? 

What can we do to stop the cycles of violence - from our communities to our country”s foreign policy?  

How can our reaction to this unspeakable tragedy help bring us closer to a peaceful world? How can we respond with love? 

We will all face choices in the coming days in how we handle this tragedy. How we talk about this with our family, friends and neighbors is important. Whether we choose to shut down in agony, or to breed disempowerment through cynicism, or to promote retribution in anger, or to struggle to reflect creatively on how we can create a different world is important. Collectively our choices in how we interact with those around us will have an impact that will spread and create the world that will follow today.  

Tom Lent