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Compelling reason to revert to elections based on geography

Monday September 17, 2001


Of the 58 counties in the state of California, only five counties (Los Angeles, Orange, Sacramento, San Diego and Santa Clara) contain “whole” senate districts (19). Those exact same five counties, also contain (41) whole state assembly districts. Combined with partial districts that is a “”majority” of the state legislature in 5 counties. 

The properties taxes raised in all the other fifty-three counties can be easily-raided (i.e. ERAF/Edison bailout) if and when those state legislators, of the above five counties, precisely legislate for their respective populations. 

The above is compelling reason to reverting back to having “one” of California’s legislative bodies elected, on the basis of geogrophy, not population, similar to the U.S. Senate election process. 

Thank you for allowing me to correct my earlier misstatement. 


John Bauer,Martinez