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Conservatism is for heroes’

Tim Plume
Monday September 17, 2001


As our US population races toward the half gig goal, we may need more natural resources now in reserve in forests and parts. Shall we put off that day or shall we start reckoning now? 

China cut their forests centuries ago and they don’t seem to miss them so much. Maybe we too can go on without such distracting, dreamy luxuries. Deserts can seem beautiful if that’s all you’ve got. We’re behind China and India in population; don’t we want to win the race? If we wait too long, China may grow sronger. Will we then lose our place in the world order? 

Do we want to stay on top or can we be happy as number two, three or four? When you’ve seen one tree that’s the whole scene. 

We need many mega-suburbs or consumers and their cars. Only with cavernous homes can consumers surge and swell toward the half gig goal. Two by four farms look lovely on the books. Roadless wilderness can only attract outlaws and our enemies. 

Soon, the decision must be made; leave them roadless or demolish the devil’s wilds. 

Worshiping trees is like worshiping earthworms. Just remember, conservationism is for wimps. Conservatism is for heroes. A gig is young hero talk for a billion. 

After achieving half a gig in our US, there’s the whole gig goal for the 21st century. 

Tim Plume