Richmond prep school opening delayed

Monday September 17, 2001


RICHMOND – The grand opening for Towers Prepatory School, a charter school, has been delayed because of a lack of construction fund and a place to build. 

Charter schools such as Alternative Education Learning Center and Towers Prepatory School are started by parents, teachers or community groups who want an alternative to traditional public schools. 

To operate, they must have the endorsement of a school district to operate but are not required to follow most education codes. They receive state funding based on attendance, just like traditional public schools. 

However, they do not receive extra money for facilities and cannot use the state and local bonds that fund most school construction projects. 

The school’s directors have had real estate deals fall through, and hope the West Contra Costa school board will grant an exemption. The school’s charter was approved last year with the condition the school find a site by Sept. 1, 2001.