Pacifica fined for environmental violations

Monday September 17, 2001


PACIFICA – The state is fining the city $209,000 for five years of environmental violations at the now-closed Sharp Park wastewater treatment plant and the year-old Calera Creek plant. 

Pacifica will receive a mix of mandatory and civil penalties for 623 violations of water quality standards from 1996 to 2000. Calera Creek has committed at least 24 additional violations the first six months of this year. 

The city has agreed to pay the money, which waives its right to a hearing before the California Regional Water Quality Control Board that was scheduled for Wednesday, said City Manager David Carmany. 

According to state records, there were 579 days between October 1996 and December 1999 when the Sharp Park plant dumped water that contained excess pollutants or was not treated properly into the Pacific Ocean. 

The pollutants included total coliform, which indicates fecal bacteria, ammonia and chlorine residue. 

The state says the Calera Creek plant has dispensed effluent to a man-made wetlands for the past year.