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Love it or leave it

Thursday September 27, 2001

Love it or leave it 



At a rally in Berkeley last week, you reported Gloria La Riva saying that everywhere she has traveled - including Iraq, North Korea and Palestine - people have told her that while they love American people, they hate the American government. 

“It’s time for us to show that we hate our government as well,” she said. 

I feel some people really don’t get the grasp of things that happen in the world sometimes, especially when I see someone telling people we should hate our government. Seems to me that we have lately had that viewpoint moved into our back yard in New York and in Washington, D.C. Maybe some of the people the government should be looking for are still in our own back yards. 

I heard today some government official told the fire department to remove the American flags from the fire trucks in Berkeley. Now who in the hell is the Anti American in your city offices?  

We fly the flag out of respect and the fact we love our country. This land is free, fly your flags America and if there are people who don’t want to see those flags fly, then send them to some place where they don’t have flags of any kind.  

Since when does a political figure tell anyone not to fly the flag of the United States of America. You are telling people who risk their lives every day they can’t show respect for their brothers who have lost their lives and I think it’s time someone spoke up about it.  

Thank God for America my friends because if we didn’t live here we could be living in a place that always had wars and loss of lives.  

Would you really love to see our country be torn apart by destruction everyday? Would you really like to raise your children in streets where guns are fired all the time? Would you really like to live in a place where the people have no way to better themselves? I feel the people of Berkeley need to look at what some of your people are doing. 

I think for those right now who suggest we should hate our government maybe they should be living in a land like Iran and then let them open their mouths about how everyone should hate their government. Please fly the flags of our country with honor and show the world we will not stand for the innocents of our country being killed. Its one thing to have military against military but to kill people and leave about 1,000 children without parents who were just like you and I is not honorable but cowardly. 

Show the world how you feel by saying a prayer for those who have died and the ones who are still searching. Say a prayer for your families and friends that they may never have to experience the horrible deaths like we have seen take place on the 11th of this month. If you are an American then show it and if you don’t like this country then please catch the next plane out. 

Fly those flags where you feel you want to fly them because we are a free nation and yes to be proud of our country and its flag is being an American. 

God Bless America and all she stands for.