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Anti-war protesters do get it

L.A. Miller
Thursday September 27, 2001

Anti-war protesters do get it 



$30 billion dollars a year was not sufficient for U.S. intelligence to detect and prevent the attacks on 9/11.  

Heads should roll – instead; we are upping their budget. The apparent perpetrators were Saudi and Egyptian. Many had German passports. Do we intend to bomb Hamburg? The United States has provided $7 billion to the Taliban, a band of vigilante “students” until we began funding them.  

One-half million Iraqi children have died since our government began its inept attempt to hunt down the last great Hitler, Bush senior’s minion Saddam.  

Gratuitous bombing of the Middle East and the intentional ignorance of the citizens of this great country will not save us. 

Should you want to challenge my patriotism, my ancestors have fought in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, and WWI. My Grandmother was a five-star mother during WWII. The Vietnam War devastated my high school graduating class.  

The world court is the place to take our grievance against an as yet unknown assailant. These attacks were a crime, and also a clear communication of immense pain and desperation. To compound the loss and pain of the victims’ families and the walking wounded of Manhattan would be also be a crime.  

To murder 20 million Afghanis is not a way to honor them. 


L.A. Miller