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War on drugs fuels terrorists

Christopher Palkow
Thursday September 27, 2001

War on drugs fuels terrorists 



Now, perhaps more than ever, there is an even stronger case for changing our government’s positioning in the “War on Drugs.” 

In addition to disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of non-violent citizens, wasting our tax dollars on programs that get larger and deliver fewer results each year, and helping the spread of corruption among our police officers, prohibition of marijuana and other substances creates a black market, which is an easy source of funding for terrorists. 

Yes, that’s right. Terrorists profit directly from America’s “War on Drugs.” They grow crops and sell them at the black market’s outrageously inflated prices. 

That’s exactly what the Taliban was doing until this year, when George Dubbya handed over $40 million to coax them to stop.  

They destroyed the crops, but how much do you want to bet they will start right up after Bush pulls any future funding? 

Ending the ‘War on Drugs’ would remove the threat of prison from people who don’t belong there, generate tax dollars that aren’t there now, and pull money right out of the terrorists’ pockets.  


Christopher Palkow 

Norfolk, Virginia